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There was a literal mini avalanche at the door today. 2 boxes for my SO, my wicked ball from the cheerble kickstarter (still waiting on the cheerble and playboard......) And my pet exchange gift.

Natsu could smell something in the package and was so excited to know whats inside. Boy we were both so happy and excited!

There was a new lead and harness as i said he wants to explore outside a bit but has to be off common property and on a lead and harness but his had gone MIA so this new one is great!

A pack of Greenies dental treats which he loves but never had before.

And a Kong wobbler treat toy. As i put in the notes he loved his kmart one that was breaking. He has already pretty much figured it out

Thankyou so much santa. You did an amazing job and both me and Natsu are very happy and grateful. He was purring which he doesnt do a lot

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