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From Postcrossing - To Swap-Bot - To Here!

I love snail mail! Meeting new people and making friends is an added bonus! I get a thrill out of curating fun mail and gifts for others. Ofc, receiving something in return is a blast too! Surprise packages are the BEST! <3

About me? 30's and single because Hobby Lobby has my whole heart! Lover of LOTS of things! Plants, Pens, Hoodies, Tees, Teas, Animals & name a few! LOVE trying fresh and/or exotic fruits (or any exotic foods)! IDC if it's an extra lemon off your backyard tree! Hehe! Really love Small Business brands and brands w/ a purpose or that give back. Lastly, everyone thinks my animal alter ego is Sandy Cheeks if that tells you anything about me! :P

Feel free to message me any time! :)

Amz Wishlist:

  • Just stuff I see & love! Exchanges don't have to come from it. Use for inspiration if you wish. It's more the effort than the item that I appreciate anyway. I love anything you send! <3

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