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Hi I’m Anthony/Tony I’m a huge nerd from Ontario Canada. I like TTRPGs, manga, anime, anything horror related, video games, sci fi, fantasy, books, comics, plushies, musical theatre and cosplaying. I also write a lot and enjoy 3D modelling/sculpting. I also like collecting funko pops though my collection is just starting out. I mainly play D&D, monsterhearts, vampire the masquerade, mutants and masterminds, shadowrun and cyberpunk red in terms of TTRPGs. I play a variety of different games though I mostly love RPGs and horror games. Junji Ito is my favourite horror manga artist and writer. Among some of my favourite food is Japanese food and snacks. I also enjoy sensory toys as I have ADHD and autism and they help me greatly. I am a huge fan of sci fi and fantasy novels as well as horror. My favourite musical is little shop of horrors. In case of any shirts I am a mens medium or a unisex medium/large. I also really enjoy puzzles of any kind. I love cooking also especially themed nerdy cooking from themed cookbooks.

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