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Hi, I am Marquita a 38 year old woman from Florida. I am a musician, I play piano, guitar, and drums. I really enjoy being active. I enjoy hiking with my dog a 9 year old Plott Hound named Memphis @mphsthadog on IG. I love to swim, mountain bike, hike and am getting back into running. I also love to cook and bake. I don’t drink alcohol. I am ordained. At my church I am over evangelism and with that I help displaced, homeless, or transient individuals with basic needs. I am Jesus’ favorite child 😉

I love the METS ⚾️ TITANS 🏈MAVS🏀 University of TN Knox Football 🏈 and RUST COLLEGE ANYTHING.

I have to play brain games due to a neurological issue. My wish lists are ideas and I’m very open to alternatives. Amazon Locker GARNETT if you cannot send to PO BOX.

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