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My name is Jake, and I live in Santa Rosa California, which is about an hour north of San Francisco. I'm a graphic designer working in the tech industry by day. By night, I whittle and carve spoons and bowls, play video games, watch horror movies (both good and so bad they're good), listen to and collect vinyl records, etc. My wife and I are super into Tiki drinks and Tiki culture, with dreams of one day turning a spare room in our apartment or house into a dimly lit nautical themed tiki bar. Over the course of the COVID pandemic, I've become something of a bartender in our home, so I'm always trying new drink recipes and exploring flavors and ingredients. I'm a big fan of graphic design as well, so I collect obscure books of logos and symbols, as well as art books for my favorite movies and animated features. Other than that I'm a totally normal 34 year old guy with a wife and a dog.

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