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I'm a helicopter mom of 4 amazing humans.

I use to be a Reddit elf and am happy to be a part of this great community.

I enjoy travels, movies, music, concerts, theatre, podcast, and love food and travel adventures. I enjoy finding obscure Bake shops in any city I visit.

I'm not a fan of Temu.

I appreciate gifts purchased from a small shops, locally or online. Supporting small businesses really is one of my favorite things. My favorite color is any shade Lavender.

Please message me before sending used or regifted items.

Oh, and do take time to review my likes and dislikes. I promise, there is a good reason why I noted them which is due to my large family and pet dynamics. We either have too many, or can't/don’t use them.

A true animal lover at heart. I have 5"fur-kids".

I keep an ongoing Etsy and Amazon wishlist for family, friends, or anyone wishing to gift me, my family ,or pets.

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