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Welcome to my profile! This always remind me of dating profile. Here goes nothing. My name is Andrew, I am in my late 30s. I am creative; however, my career is legal side. I just graduated from Paralegal Studies program at a local college. Wherever I go, I take pictures. I am still learning my iPhone 14pro. LOL. Getting better at it each day. I have dabbled into everything from working in food service to graphic design. I am trying to be healthier. I have no children and I am single. Finding love in this day in age is very hard. Hopefully getting a dog will help me find Mr. Right.

I like to make greeting cards. I have not done it in a while because my life has been hectic, personal reasons. I do like paper crafts, not origami. I love to write and currently, working on a project. I like Disney, mostly Sorcerer Mickey. I collect pins, only certain ones. The think that I love to do the most is to build Legos. I do like to travel; however, my budget doesn’t allow it.

As I age gracefully, there has been a change in my likes and dislikes. I am a Disney nut, however the only thing I collect is anything to do with Sorcerer Mickey, that Mickey is my favorite. As for Legos, I have created a wish list for that, see link ( For updated likes, dislikes, and allergies please, check out Dislike / Like / Allergies list

If you have any further questions or are unsure of something you can always message me. Thank you for participating in the Exchanges.

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