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I am a 39 year old mother of 4 (20,17,15,14) I have been married for 14 years I absolutely love everything about my little fam jam always looking to do and try new things and just live life to the fullest i enjoy reading a true story with a coffee or earl grey tea sometimes wine hehe i our beloved Brody passed away January 29,2022 he was a shitzu schnauzer and my absolute best friend RIP fur babe and my cat Nootchie shes 19 months and my Zhen-zu passed away in June he was my hedgehog Hami the hamster has passed away at 3 years old he wad so cool feel free to message me for more information :-) I have a almost 2 year old yorkie her name is Diva she is 4lbs and the light of our life I also have a little obsession with black cats and dogs all my animals have been all black even my yorkie hehe!!

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