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I'm so excited this is live! I LOVE these gift exchanges and am excited to join this as well.

I live in NYC and have a fairly active lifestyle. I walk or bike practically everywhere, and outside of that I exercise a lot (running, rowing machine at the gym, bodyweight workouts at home, pilates, yoga, etc.) I love experience-based things instead of items I don't use - some of my favorite gift exchange gifts have been cookbooks, candles, decaf coffee + tea, notebooks + pens I'll use, etc.

I'm generally a very seasonal person - i.e. when it's fall, I'm all in on fall foods, fall experiences, etc. I love celebrating holidays (big and small!) and am a fairly frugal person. Other interests include Harry Potter (officially, I'm a Slytherin), various nerdy things (I read comics and used to work in them, so am a Marvel/DC/Image fan), and trying new flavors and experiences as much as I can!

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