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How long have you been using fountain pens?

I have been writing with and collecting fountain pens for about three years now.

What do you use your fountain pens for?

I used to use them much more regularly than I do now, but I still use them on a near-daily basis.

What are you hoping to get out of this exchange?

Nothing particular; I just enjoy taking part in community events like this :)

What are some of your interests (if not already described in profile)?

I enjoy reading, hiking, writing, and drawing. J.R.R Tolkien is my favorite author, but I also greatly enjoy C.S. Lewis, Alan Paton, John Philipps, and others. My favorite television show is Psych! (I’d love it if someone would make a Psych-themed fountain pen.) I love frogs, koi fish, dogs, octopuses, and lemurs! A hot cup of tea, a cardigan, some pens, a few books, and a notepad are all it really takes to make me a happy man :)

Are you interested in receiving pen(s)? If so, preferred nib, material, feedback, etc.? OR what are your favorite pens and what do you like about them?

Yes, I would be thrilled to receive pens! I don’t have a strong preference in regard to nib material; as long as the pen is reliable, I’m happy. I generally prefer nibs ranging in size from 0.2-0.45mm (Japanese F to Western medium-ish), but I would consider myself a ‘nib chameleon’ in the sense that I can use and enjoy nearly anything. Feedback is always a welcome feature, but smooth nibs are fun in their own right, too! (Generally speaking, I’d prefer my finer nibs to exhibit more feedback and my broader nibs to write more smoothly, not the other way around.) I tend to prefer lighter pens, but I really don’t mind weight as long as the section isn’t slippery. I love brightly coloured pens, but I’m just as pleased with professional, classic designs. It’s so hard to choose a favorite pen! If I had to choose, though, it would go something like this (in no particular order): Pilot E95S (F) Pilot Custom Heritage 92 (FM) Sheaffer Snorkel Special (M) LAMY Aion (14k M) Sailor 1911S (F) TWSBI Vac 700R (F) TWSBI Eco (F) Esterbrook LJ (9550 EF) I suppose this would be my ‘dream team’ pen roll :)

Are you interested in receiving ink(s)? If so, preferred colors, desired characteristics like shading/shimmer, wet/dry, etc.? OR what are your favorite inks and why do you like them? Absolutely! I love trying new inks. My favorite colours are blue, green, and yellow-orange, though I love nearly any colour. Shading inks are always my favorite :)

Are you interested in receiving paper/notebooks? If so, preferred smoothness, paper size, ruling, weight, hardcover/softcover, binding, etc.? Certainly! I like most any paper (as long as it can handle ink, of course), and love to experience new textures, thicknesses, and qualities. My personal favorite is Midori, but Maruman, Tomoe River, and MUJI are all excellent. Heck, I even enjoy using cheap notebooks if the ink doesn't feather on it!

Are you interested in receiving nibs and/or pen repair supplies? If so, what in particular? I don't have any great needs in this area, but sure, tinkering supplies are always welcome! I have a lot of LAMY's and pens that accept JoWo #6 nibs, if that helps :)

Are you interested in receiving stationery accessories, such as pen cases/rolls, notebook covers, pen-themed stickers/decals, ink swatching cards/stamps, etc.? If so, what in particular? I have plenty of pen cases and rolls, though I certainly wouldn't complain if I received a really pretty pen roll! (You can't have too many, right?) I love stickering my water bottles, laptop, and notebooks, so vinyl decals would be great! I don't have an ink swatching stamp, but that sounds like loads of fun :)

How would you describe your personal style or aesthetic? Goth, cottage-core, modern, shabby chic, minimalist… Old soul..? I tend to dress in a rather conservative, decidedly elderly fashion. Generally, this includes a collared shirt, tie, and a cardigan. If it's cold outside, I'll also wear a sweater vest! I wouldn't consider it a forced 'vintage' look, but I do tend to favour older, simpler designs, and appreciate no-nonsense, classic styles.

Some people like to include some bonus candies or sweets in the packages. Do you have any food restrictions or allergies your Santa should be aware of? I have a mild sensitivity to corn syrup, but otherwise, I don't have any other (known) food allergies!

Please link any "state of the collection" posts or images below for your Santa so they have an idea of your tastes and to avoid repeats. (Post on your reddit user profile, or on a image host like imgur) Full collection:

Anything you definitely don't want, or already have too many of? (ink colors, pen model, etc.) I'm not a picky person when it comes to pens or inks, but I do have some preferences. Firstly, I don't particularly care for my Monteverde Ritma, so I wouldn't be thrilled to receive another. I also tend to dislike slick metal sections. Otherwise, I'm happy with most anything!

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