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Hey there, I'm pretty simple when it comes to my interests. I'm really big into Lego, steelbook movies, books, toys (primarily 80s and 90s toys), pro wrestling (but only AEW and New Japan, none of that WWE nonsense lol), Warhammer, and board games. I have a ton of the big name board games that you would think a gamer would enjoy, so if you're going the board game route, aim for something more obscure I guess? Maybe like Century Golem or Wingspan or Blood Bowl or something like that). I haven't really gotten into collecting the figures for Warhammer at this point, but I'm open to it in a way. I'm really interested in the Tomb Kings line of figures, just because Egyptian themed things are really cool. I haven't bought any recent steelbooks, unfortunately, but I am needing Spiderman No Way Home and Dr. Strange Multiverse in steelbook form, just as some suggestions. Steelbooks are harder to get for me just because I have a decent selection. I'm also into anime like Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Gurren Lagann, Gundam, etc. Book wise, I'm interested in the Tolkien books that were finished by Christopher Tolkien after his dad died, basically the extended lore of Middle Earth. And I definitely prefer hardcover books, not softcover. Toy wise, I'm really wanting to get my hands on the complete line of Animorphs figures. I loved those books as a kid, but never had any of the action figures. But I'm also really interested in Lego. My grail for Lego is definitely a new or complete in box Lego Red Baron, but it's pretty pricey. I'm also interested in the Lego The Office set that recently came out, as well as needing the Lego Mario or Lego Luigi starter packs. I'm interested in getting into Magic the Gathering, but I don't fully know where I want to start at this point. I'd love to go completely retro and get a lot of the older cards, but yeah. Anyway, that's me. Good luck!

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