I likely spend too much time online. I am a parent, an employee, a tired individual, and more besides. I most often wear skirts and dresses. I enjoy reading, writing, board gaming, video gaming, social media, contest-entering, traveling, being a geek and far too many other things to list here. Find me on the Internet to learn more!

I keep an ongoing Amazon wishlist here: but will try to populate specific wishlists for specific exchanges.

Please (if possible) make clear for what exchange a gift is for. I participate in a lot of exchanges (on this site and otherwise) and I'd hate to mis-credit your gift!
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Lovely paper and cards!

Stationery Day

A Flock of Ducks!

Charity Day

The Lover's Dictionary

Just Because

Three amazing books to read!

Spring Book Exchange 2022

A bath bomb making kit!

Bath bomb exchange!

Awww, so cute!

Valentine's Day

My toddler loves the new Dino book!

Childrens Book Exchange

More Wax seals!

Stationary Supplies!

Greetings from Ireland!

City Postcards

Pounce on some fun? Why yes I will!

Simple Valentine Exchange

Love Levithan!

Holiday Rewind

Reddit Gifts History

Christmas in September?!?

Holiday Cards (zero credit)

A loom to weave with!

Arbitrary Day

Stickers and Criminal Minds!

Oh Snap! I missed Secret Santa!

Seratonin and Dopamine happiness

Space & S.T.E.A(rt)M

Ooh! Awesome gifts!!

Secret Santa 2020

Feather wand toy!

Presents for Pets

So much sealing wax!

Pens & Stationery

Yay for the Able Sisters

Animal Crossing

Four Bears Sticker Club joy!

Stickers (Zero Credit)

Onyx Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty

Japanese snacks!!

Arbitrary Day

Victoria, British Columbia

Postcards (Zero Credit)

Bitch Planet!!

Secret Santa 2019

C is for Consent!

Trick or Treat 2019

Postcard and...

Hometown 2019

Cat toys for our excellent cats!

Presents for Pets 2019

Dinos, Peacocks, and flags!

Stickers 2019 (Zero-Credit)

Terry Pratchett? Yes please!

Arbitrary Day 2019

Card AND Magnet!

Post Cards 2019 (Zero-Credit)

My first EVER fountain pen!!

Pens & Stationery 2019

So much Finnish excellence for me and our cat too!

Secret Santa 10th Annual Extravaganza!

A cute soft and sparkly card!

Holiday Cards 2018 (zero credit)

David's Tea!!

Coffee and Tea 2018


Coffee and Tea 2018

THREE necklaces! Awesome!

Harry Potter 2018


Postcards (Zero Credit!) 2018

7 Wonders Leaders!

Board Games 2018

Texan books!

Children's Books 2018

Oooh an awesome hardcover book!

Arbitrary Day 2018

Pretty sticky notes!

Pens & Stationery 2018

Dinosaur pillow case!

Dinosaurs 2018

Pretty cloth poster!

Doctor Who 2018

A card with a missing recipe!

Holiday Cards 2017

Disney World! Hi from Mickey Mouse!

Postcards (Zero Credit!) 2017

Indigenous Art from Thunder Bay!

Hometown Exchange 2017

Books and treats and Hermione!

Harry Potter 2017

Tardis and Serenity Key Chains

SYFY25: Sci-Fi Gift Exchange

Games and hugs from Sweden!

Board Games 2017

All of this AWESOME!

Arbitrary Day 2017

Four books!

Comic Books 2017

Stationery from Latvia!

Pens & Stationery 2017

Many excellent cards!

Send a Haiku Exchange!

So many Australian snacks!

Snacks Exchange 2017

Warm toes!

Cozy Toes 2017

YAY for needle felting supplies!

300th Exchange Extravaganza!

Late but sweet

Secret Santa 2016

Glorious tea, a great story and treats

Coffee and Tea Exchange 2016


Postcards Exchange 2016

Bad Girl Maleficent Sleep shirt!

Disney Exchange 2016

7 Wonders Cities (in French)

r/Boardgames Boardgames Exchange

The indulgences of life!

Hometown 2016


Yarn and Needlework 2016

Tiny hearts

Cozy Toes 2016

Le Petit Prince of colour!

Pens & Stationery 2016

SO MUCH Vermont goodness!

Snacks Exchange 2016

Geeky Reads!

Books 2016

What a perfect gift!

Coffee & Tea 2015

A Christmas wreath card!

Holiday Cards 2015

Handknit Doctor Who socks!

Secret Santa 2015

Pretty cats and owls!

Hats & Scarves 2015

12th Doctor Graphic novel!

Doctor Who 2015

Oooh German fairytales!

Fairy Tales 2015

Munchkin Expansions!

Board Games 2015

Beads from Japan

Jewelry 2015

Neil Gaiman and Batman? Sweet!

Comics & Graphic Novels 2015

Canada stickers!

Stickers 2015

Minnie pillow!

Disney 2015

Awesomeness from Montana!

reddit turns 10

Animaniacs CD!

Warner Brothers Animation 2015

SHHHH! Book!

Bookmarks 2015

Exactly what I wanted most!

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 2015

Zombicide! :)

Zombies 2015

Fun cards!

Pens & Stationery

A beautiful 3D card

Holiday Cards 2014

So many Norway memories!

Trick or Treat 2014

Great Whovian gifts!

Bath & Shower

The best type of spoilage!

Graphic Novels 2014


Board Games 2014

Biking magazines from NZ!

Bicycle Accessories

I sent my match this too!

Condiments 2014

Beyond Time itself?

Everyday Carry

Doctor Who Alphabet!

T-shirt 2014

Amazon gift certificate

Makeup & Nail Polish 2014




Holiday Cards 2013

David Levithan FTW! :)

reddit Trick or Treat 2013

A sharper life!

Kitchen Goods

This Island is Forbidden!

Board Games 2013

Time to farm some beans!

The World's End Exchange

It's a Small World, it really truly is!

The World's End Exchange PLUS

Mirrormask is marvelous!

Arbitrary Day PLUS 2013

A friend of mine keeps saying to read this... and more!

Now Sharing Absurdity - The NSA Gift Exchange

Such a comfortable bracelet! :)

Doctor Who (Almost) 50th Anniversary Exchange


Star Trek Exchange

Puddy Cat earrings? But...

Nostalgia Exchange

Woohoo! Catan: Portable Edition!

Simple Pleasures Exchange

GoT Figurine

Horror Exchange

Azumanga Daioh

Manga Exchange


Fantasy Exchange

Michigan hometown treats!

Snack Exchange 2013

Pretty imaginative scarves!

Hats and Scarves Exchange

Belated AWESOME!

Secret Santa 2012

Tim Minchin! The best makeup yet! :)

Makeup and Nail Polish

A most wonderful Firefly treat!

reddit Trick or Treat 2012

I have LAMP! :)

Decorate Your Dorm

Hand delivered awesomeness!

Arbitrary Day 2012

Many many T.A.R.D.I.S.s!

T-Shirts 2012