Premium Membership

So, we're a small non-profit. We're not funded, yet we have operational costs. What was the logical thing to do? Offer a premium membership to users! Each and every membership directly contributes to the running on Givin Gifts.


We will continue to add features to our premium offering on a regular basis as long as they're viable!

Run private exchanges amongst friends and communities.

Essentially, you can run your own private exchanges and share them with other people. Premium members can run up to 4 exchanges per month.

Set yourself to only be matched with other premium users.

Want to ensure you're matched only with other premium members? That's an option. We also have a descending preference tool available, so if we can't find any premium members in the area you have selected (e.g. domestic) - you can set yourself to be matched with a standard user, a premium member worldwide, or automatically leave the exchange.

No filesize limitations on image uploads.

We have a 50MB limitation on images uploaded, such as posts to the gallery or your profile avatar. This limit is essentially removed for premium members.

Video uploads on gallery posts.

Want to upload an unboxing video on your gallery post? You can!

Double experience on your first completed exchange every month.

This one is fairly self-explanatory. For your first completed exchange each month, you'll get double experience - and with our upcoming gamification features...

Access to premium only channel on the Discord server, as well as a special role.

If you're on our Discord, you'll get a unique role - as well as access to a channel to talk to other premium members.

Access to the concepts behind our cute mascots for each and every exchange.

All of our mascot images start life as a doodle. You'll get to see exactly how they started out!