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Oohh something new to do!

A while ago the postal service brought me this lovely shoebox, expertly taped close with some kind of duct tape. Life got very in the way, so the box sat on my couch for a long time while I was away a lot. But now, today, I finally have time to open it! My gifter asked me if I would like a new craft and I said "Yes please!" so it's very mysterious what's inside! The box isn't very heavy but something seems to be sliding if I accidentally tilt the box, it sounds like there's multiple items in there.

I completely appreciate the way this box is taped :D. I always tape stuff within an inch of its life as well, so I think I found a kindred spirit :P. I cut the tape all around so I can flip open the lid of the box and reveal the gift!

Ooohh! It's yarn! And some very nice yarn too, I don't even need to look at the label to see it's 100% cotton. I've been trying to work with natural fibers more, so it's nice that it's cotton. In the box is also a folded piece of paper with a handwritten note, but because I grabbed one of the skeins of yarn I also see something white underneath the yarn: it's a little book!

The book has instructions on how to crochet cute little cactuses! Now I understand all the colors the yarn has, they look like the colors the cactuses on the front of the book have :). Oh and I also see there's a small crochet needle in among the yarn! Looks like I'm all set ;).

I have to admit that I've tried crochet before, but to my great shame just couldn't figure out how to do it. Somehow it seems much more complicated than knitting, although most people say it's easier. These cactuses are super cute though, so that gives some inspiration to try again :). Hopefully this time I can figure out how it works :D.

After checking out the book a bit, I finally take some time to read the little note. My gifter says in it that they're also a maker, and the paper they wrote the note on is from their making journal. They also say one of their friends uses crochet to make plush animals, that's very cool! Santa, I'll definitely upload pictures to the album I sent you if I manage to make any cactuses, so feel free to keep an eye on it :). Thank you so much!

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April 10, 2023
Whimsical Day