Whimsical memories made on this one year anniversary of Givin Gifts!

As all my gifters know, I am delighted with whatever they decide to gift me (I use the same intro blurb for every exchange. haha). But when my gifter for this Whimsical Day exchange messaged me that they were my gifter for the last Hometown Day exchange, I got super excited because their gift was fantastic (it's currently one of the "most liked gifts" for a reason 😉)! To give an intro to why my gifter here is absolutely amazing (once again), I am a huge musical theater fanatic and try to catch all the shows that come touring in my city. So, when my gifter messaged me asking if I had any interest in seeing the upcoming touring production of "Cats" (don't worry, I said I was okay with receiving a spoiler) I was utterly shocked for two reasons. The first reason was that earlier during the day, I was debating if I should go and catch this show (the next month is definitely a busy one for me). This made me think my gifter is a mind reader. haha. The second reason is that theater tickets are definitely pricey and I never thought someone here would consider gifting such. Because of that, I'll be honest, I felt guilty saying "yes" going this gifting route. So, whoever has my gifter as their giftee, I hope you are doing something just as amazing for them 😤 Onto my actual thank you to my gifter... thank you SO much for this awesome opportunity (as I said, I'll be sure to send you an update when I see the show)!!! Once again, you outdid yourself by being so thoughtful. Givin Gifts (and life in general) is so lucky to have you around! Even though we will be in contact soon, wishing you all the best!! 💕


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Gift Details

Posted: 16 September 2022
Giftee: ihave_thoughts
Exchange: Whimsical Day 2022