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OMG so many snacks!!

WOW. This box is huge! And so many intriguing snacks mainly from the UK but also with some scandinavian flair! I'm so excited to eat these! My kid has already devoured one Kinder Surprise egg (we're not so sure about this first toy but oh well, those are always hit and miss!). I imagine I'll pack some treats in my lunches for the next while and savour the treats that my kid lets me have (I suspect the kid will eat all the Kinder and probably most of the sour raisin snacks... and share the chips etc. with me but we'll see!). This is such a beautifully packaged gift too! I loved the art of it all! Thanks so much for the lovely card and the great art and the beautiful packing -- shipping chips isn't easy at the best of times!

Thanks again! This was a lovely gift even if it took a while to arrive I'm ever so pleased!!!

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April 10, 2023
Snack Day (2022)