Dude!!! Thank you

I told them my doggo's fav toy is her stupid dinosaur and they got an even better T Rex with a ball in it for a belly and Lili has been carrying around the house like she has a new boyfriend in town. Also got me awesome frenchie salt and pepper shakers which is my new fav!!! And another plushie that's an old retro camera (but I might keep for myself because it's so cute 😍) I literally have a camera that looks just like it. Nailed it!!! Thank you so much. Lili is in her bed with her boyfriend as I speak lol Update: people are so unpredictable. I went outside my front door to go check on my garden and saw a box thrown in the middle of it. It was another from my gifter!gifted!! I don't know if the mail man was having a bad day or something but it was a beautiful surprise. Flowers didn't bloom but my Frenchies (and mine) did :)) also, keeping the Gameboy plushie lolol!!!! Way too cute.


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Gift Details

Posted: 18 February 2022
Giftee: Dshetbag
Exchange: Pets!