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Wow did my Santa seriously go above and beyond..............I usually pick a few exchanges threwout the year that I choose the kiddos so they can enjoy the fun as well however I am still it complete shock I have recently became a HUGE GROOT fan I even took a picture with GROOT made outta pumpkins so when my son opened this box up I squealed like a 2 year old little gal son said so mom I think you like this one so next one is mine no matter my son is to cute however fair is fair he is absolutely ESTATICED to start getting GROOT built and get him on display ASAP santa you truly spoiled us and I can't say thank you enough ❣️❣️ this is officially the first lego set that is not minecraft thank you for picking the perfect set for my son to do and for all to enjoy santa you definitely made our day and I feel totally blessed thanks so much again santa

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January 11, 2024
Lego Day (2023)