A lovely tour & loads of goodies from San Francisco!

My gifter decided to go all out and allowed me to participate in their weekly Saturday morning walk (virtually)! And boy, they did not disappoint. I absolutely loved that I was able to read and see the surroundings that my gifter got to see on a daily. I personally have been to San Francisco twice in my life and I definitely learned a bunch of new things about the city. Regarding all the goodies, they were all fantastic! I really appreciated getting items from local businesses that were also touristy & unique. As someone who participates in sending/receiving cards on r/RandomActsofCards, the postcards were such a delight to receive. I'm excited to try all the food-related items. I only have tried the caramels so far and I had to resist finishing all of them in one sitting (then again, my partner and my sister also did a taste test with me). And I love wine glass commemorating this exchange (no worries with it not being perfect because I also struggle to put vinyl on such. haha).  To my gifter, once again, thank you so much! I had a lovely time getting to know your hometown and I hope you continue to have many fantastic memories there!


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Gift Details

Posted: 27 March 2022
Giftee: ihave_thoughts
Exchange: Hometown Day