THANK YOU SANTA!!! My amazing Santa went all out and gifted me with some stellar (yes, I made the pun) Star Trek gear! I received a set of winter wear (hat, gloves, and a scarf) with OMG PINK STAR TREK LOGOS! Santa, you could not have guessed that I recently moved to a colder climate and had nothing but a jacket for winter wear. Now I will be decked out in style! But wait, also in the package was an amazing LLAP potholder with my name on it! And then, just to make things over the top were a pair of skincare face masks (Santa, have you been snooping on my dresser? I love Bulgarian rose water products!). Last but not least, a package of face wipes. I am addicted to using these at the end of the day to take the day off. Wow, I mean, wow! Santa I adore everything! THANK YOU!


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Gift Details

Posted: 11 December 2021
Giftee: Fyrekittyn
Exchange: Happy Holidays