Argh! Pink! :D

This exchange has a long backstory! I first didn't want to do this exchange, then decided to have a bit of fun with it and gave my Santa a challenge to find snacks in my favourite colours, orange and black, and as a bonus in the worst colour out there: pink. At the same time, this Santa turned out to be my giftee as well, and she requested pink (or rose, to be more precise). Thus after lots of thinking I found pink gifts, and thoroughly de-pinked my flat by sending it all off. So now I received my gift, from the country of pink snacks. Yes, you heard correctly: It's a huge, heavy parcel full of pink, wonderful, delicious snacks. :D Oh, and did I mention pink? There's even a pink tin full of lovely snacks! I'm sure my santa had a lot of fun working with this challenge, and I'm totally laughing as well. My santa was also absolutely brilliant in her communication thoughout. Thanks a lot dear Santa. This is absolutely brilliant. And totally brilliantly played. :D


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Gift Details

Posted: 15 March 2022
Giftee: Geogrrrl
Exchange: Colours Day!