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Got 2 packages from my santa. 1 straight off etsy that had such a lovely and thoughtful ornament. A cat ornamemt that has my cats name Natsu. Also had a bonus cute little reiendeer and natsu glows in the dark

Second package only got sent early this month as post delays caused last thing to arrive then.

This parcel contained 3 wrapped gifts and a card. Funnily enough got matched to my santa as their santa AND we sent eachother the opposite card from christmas cards (had a t-rex and llama design). Had a thoughtful letter and a tea packet

The 1st gift had a handmade animal crossing tree ornament which is so nice. Second had a wreath on the wrapping and a 2021 year of covid vaccine ornament.

Last thing was a Cats vs Pickles pirate pickle plush. Had no idea pirate pickle existed (knew about the line of plush bit didn't own any). He is adorable

Love everything. Thankyou!!!!

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Ornaments 2021 Finale