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My santa has been in contact and I've been so appreciative as theres been shipping issues (not their fault. Some sellers just wont ship to Australia currently) and got me 3 gifts

The first gift is a perfect example of why I ask for not very fragile things as the box (decorated so nicely too) got banged up in transport. It had an adorable Raymond plush (hes joined my Audie and Zucker) with a mini goodie bag of a Snake handmade amiibo card and 2 joycon thumb grips.

Gift 2 was from Etsy and had a trio of keychains that are cute and i love them. The fact they match up to the 3 plush i have, makes them even better!

UPDATE: gift 3 arrived after many issues with delays and I love it so much! Its something I've been wanting since I first saw it for sale and matches my Isabelle plush. Its a big Blathers mochi plush and hes perfect! Last one to get is the couch.... Or is it a skeleton? Or a light? (The "item" plush thats a leaf) my SO and i make jokes about what it is XD

Thanks to such an awesome Santa!!! Hope you have an amazing holisay season

PS. natsu loves the box and claimed it right away

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