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Got confused upon recieving this gift as the seller put the complete wrong name but right address on the shipping label but the paper invoice had it right.... So uh... I didnt even open it.

My friend took 1 look and opened it and went "its wax melts. Definitely for you" XD

Wax melts are something simple I love that i have a whole tub of (can share pics if anyone asks) and love these new ones: baked apple pie (had thus scent before and its so good), chocolate milk (a friend really loved this one) and hot jam donut (a scent I've been wanting to try.)

I have 3 burners (each are good for different size melts) on the kitchen window sill plus the incense burner and love rotating scents.

I tried the Hot Jam Donut scent and it smells amazing! So thankyou for getting me something to simple but loved.

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Simple Pleasures 2021