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Got a weekend delivery (not very common where i live) of my snack gifts and I didnt realise until my bf and I went out to run errands. It got put on the couch and opened once we got back.

Dont mind the background of squish as i opened the box on the couch. But I opened the box and saw a sweet postcard and note on top of a bunch if asain snacks

Near the top was some crackers (pretty tasty), choco pie banana flavour, a yan yan and choco boy. Below them was mango pocky, lays chips (no idea on flavour), top chocolate bar and genji strawberry pie biscuits (look delicious).

Under those was 3 packets of boba chocolates of diffeent flavours, choc banana pocky and a salted caramel drink. Last undr those was herbal tea eggs flavoured chips and milkis drink

Thankyou so much for such a variety of snacks. Sadly some may have to be put away uneaten for a couple weeks (I'll be limited on what food i can and cant have for a bit) but what isnt eaten can be looked forward too!

EDIT: LOVED the salted caramel drink and had a friend want to steal the empty can (they collect "unique/hard to find" empty cans) XD had the choco pie and yan yan (delicious). Sadly have to hold off on eating some of the other stuff (biscuits and boba and chips) as it hurts to swallow (got tonsils out) so looking forward to trying the rest

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