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In my notes I asked for wrapped gifts (get most gifts unwrapoed or in gift bags) and my Santa happily obliged. They did reach out early on letting me know they were waiting on things in the post and would likely ship close to the deadline

I eagerly checked the tracking and it arrived today. The postie put it around to the back door as the package was too big to be left at the front.

It was worth the wait! Once open, there was tissue paper, a small switchch box and an envelope with OPEN ME on it with a lovely card and telling me to turn the switch on for full effect. I turned it on and it was gorgeous!

Under the layers of tissue paper was some string lights and a black box full of gifts. I opened in order and loved the cute note on each label.

Gift 1 were some lovely Animal Crossing stickers. There is a nice variety and these stickers are matte.

Gifts 2 through 6 were Japanese snacks as i said i love Japanese snacks and drinks. Some pocky, koala march, a layer cake and something i think called everyburger. Only opened that last one and its quite tasty

Gift 7 was a soft Audie plush (that makes 3 animal crossing plush!) And gift 8 was a custom mug with my snoo avatar, the pirate snoo (cause i said i run a pirate warband at larp) and the words "do more of what makes you happy" i love them!

Gift 9 was a box of imported drinks. A Coca cola plus, craftea lemonade and a pineapple drink. Already had that last one and it was very nice.

The last two gifts 10 and 11 were some exq figures as i said i collect anime figures. That is my first Re Zero exq and i love her. The other i already had 2 of but i very much appreciate this one (1st one had no accessory and the 2nd was 2nd hand but yellowed and smelled of smoke)

Santa, you did an amazing job and i loved the unboxing. You're wrapping was beautiful and a pleasure to open!

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Oh Snap! I missed Secret Santa!