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this came a few days ago, but I was out, and due to being in a high area of the virus i had to wait to get it redelivered, and it was worth the wait. I love my new DVD of zombieland, the colouring books, and the sweets. and all the other fun things. i can't believe how cheered up i was by this, and all the lovely selection of things. the best part is I was talking to my nieces and they are feeling low because their Halloween has been canceled. they are 15 and 10, so i'm going to share the items with them...apart from the paint your pumpkin. that is mine

So thank you Santa, you really did an amazing job x

An Update I can't believe how lucky i was to get this santa, since i got a second box of goodies, i love the nightmare before christmas keychain, all the sweets and fun things to make. Halloween was such a let down, but this amazing santa made it enjoyable...and i'm yet to burn the house down with the candles xx

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