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My Rematch Santa kept in pretty good contact about any questions and delays. When I saw it shipped and then arrived today, I was so excited!

Please dont mind the switch. It was there to hide the address. Opening this was so much fun and Natsu joined me in opening it

First I opened the small blue handmade bag, which is gorgeous, and found a really cool keychain and such an amazing and thoughtful necklace with a photo of Natsu.

I love the necklace. It is so pretty and thoughtful. Thank you so much!!!!

Next was the grey mittens. I use these for LARP kit so these will come in handy.

Then i opened the grey cat socks. They are so soft and im looking forward to wearing them

Next was this small purple bag. Im so sorty but I'm not exactly sure what it is but it is nice.

Lastly was the pillow filled with mini cat plush. This sort of thing was something I was actually looking at getting for myself at some point anyway and I love it!

There was also a lovely note. Not shown

Thankyou rematch santa and I hope you stay safe and well

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