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I got a message from my SS that there were 2 packages to be expected. I've only gotten 1 so far and will upload photos once i find where i put the stickers

The first pacakge that arrived was an envelope with a lovely card and mixed stickers-some to do with what was written in my notes, some from my santa's home and a couple to do with their recent travels.

The card explained they had been busy with work and travel and apologised for sending the gift late-this is completely fine as you still sent something thoughtful!

EDIT! so 2 more things arrived-a mixed lot of Kiki's Delivery Service stickers (love the stickers as they are adorable) and some cat mixed stickers, which a friend took a couple gingers cat stickers because her cat is a ginger.

I love all the stickers and am so happy with this gift exchange!!!!!!

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Stickers 2019 (Zero-Credit)