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I got a message from my santa saying 3 gifts were on their way. I've received 2 of 3.

Gift 1 is a pirate themed bunting-it is adorable! It was used over the weekend just been whilst camping for the warbands tavern called the Dead Mans Drink-we may have taken over the actual tavern on the Saturday XD

I just got gift 2 of 3-a foam pirate hat with eyepatch craft kit and stickers plus a postcard. The postcard said to use the stickers and kit to make some hats for the warband. I will certainly do so! foam hats are much better than no headwear!

I've gotten the third package-it turned up ages ago but had the name of my santa instead of my name so it never got opened (i don't like opening stuff with someone elses name on it) until my santa messaged saying such! In it was a basic outfit consisting of a blue skirt, white sheer blouse and a corset belt. The sleeve cuffs are too tight for me, I am not sure which way the skirt is supposed to be and i'll need to relace the corset as it is too small for me!

The basic outfit will still be used-if i don't fit in something then it gets gifted to someone who can wear it (hope you don't mind). I'd rather the gift get used and loved than just sit doing nothing.

The skirt is a beautiful fabric and nice and thick. The blouse has to be worn over something but I love the style and the corset belt is gorgeous if nothing but a bit small.

Again-so sorry about the delay but everything has turned up safely and everything will be used one way or another!!!!! thanks so much!!

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