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I wrote that my snack exchange did not go well (gift got turned around and lost) and asked that my santa get some Japanese snacks, cosplay or swordcraft type stuff as my preferred gifts from this exchange and to avoid anime stuff this time, and they fulfilled that by sending some Japanese and Korean snacks!

It arrived late last week but I only just got it off my brother at Swordcraft this evening and I may have cried upon opening it and reading the note. Santa, you were so thoughtful with the gifts, and patient with figuring out where to send this to!

First thing I saw was a lovely cat wand for my beautiful pudgy cat, Natsu-sadly he is at someone elses temporarily but I'll play with him with this cat wand once I get him back. A friend also saw it and was half tempted to take it (I'd love to try get another for them XD)

There was multiple snacks-a DIY ramune candy kit (I'll make this later) which is something I love!, some cute biscuits or different kinds, chocolate, soft jelly lollies and some pocky. I was very very excited to actually try the Cherry Blossom ones.

I honestly can't read the names of some of these snacks and a translation app was NOT being very helpful. Oh well.

After Swordcraft, I had a taste testing with 2 friends of all these different snacks with very positive results. One friend said the pocky was her favourite and the other said the pokemon themed one was his and tasted like a cereal called Coco Pops

So thanks Santa, you did such a wonderful job and I hope your santa got you something just as awesome!!!!

UPDATE: My santa messaged me what each of the snacks were (the ones i didn't know). I also made the DIY candy ramen and it was really fun, easy and interesting to make. It was very sweet and definetely something I would buy again in the future, along with the other DIY candy kits!

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