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Santa, whoever you are, you are amazing! Sorry for waiting so long to post, but I was waiting for everything to arrive

After having something go wrong last round with the exchange I was most excited about, having this exchange go very well (was the exchange I was looking forward to overall) was amazing!!!

Out of the 4 gifts you sent, 1 was a duplicate and the other 3 were gifts I was very excited to get.

The first gift was the Yuuki SAO EXQ figure, which I had but my brother had put in storage, so when I opened her, my brother claimed the one in storage. The detail on her is very intricate.

The second gift was a Leafa plush, which was something I had no idea even existed until this exchange. She is detailed and very soft. Don't mind the Leafa figures-if you can't tell, she is my favourite SAO character and my next cosplan to organise.

Next was the NGNL Weiss Schwarz trial deck-something I had been wanting since it was first announced in English! This is my all time favourite TCG and I may have 3 self-made SAO decks plus I may have already swapped out cards so I can have some Steph cards in it (after buying 3 boosters). Hope you don't mind the sleeves!

Lastly was a Stephanie Dola plush from NGNL. She is very well made and very well detailed. She was also on my list of things to one day get. Now I have a plush to hold when I next cosplay Steph.

Overall Santa, you did such a great job and I hope your Santa was great to you! Thanks so much!!!!

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