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When I got the package, I opened it right away!

First thing I pulled out was an adorable peacock plush that is very soft. There was also a blue pencil case, gel eye mask, block of chocolate, a gorgeous post card of Lithuania with a sweet note on the back and a very useful notepad and sticky memo pad set.

I then opened the pencil case and found an assortment of items-some no tie shoelaces (not sure what I'll use these on), very pretty bracelets, a blue duck nail brush, erasable pens (really handy!), foam slime (very fun ti fiddle with), some nail polish (can't use right now as i don't have an LED nail lamp) and some blue tape.

I've used some of the blue tape to redo the markings on my LARP arrows and they look so much better and the bracelets are perfect for my pirate character! I've also been having way too much fun with the foam slime-it is so light, airy and soft to fiddle with.

Thanks Santa for such an amazing variety of items! you did such a good job!

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