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Mix of games

Got a mix of interesting games

There was a game Antidote- one id looked at, at my local game store but not thought of getting,

Another called Bohnanza, a game i had recently seen appear on my tik tok feed as a game rec and a game my gifter loves to play with their housemates and wanted to share with me

Then 4 small travel games from a set called Packet o Games. Designed to be easy to play, pocket sized and fun. Gotta say they are indeed fun. Played Fly right away, which went well after some trial and error, bus which is most fun and Shh, which is a 1 and done per play word game.

Last is a map expansion for Formula D, and a regift, which is fine! Looked at a tutorial and will add it to the list of "games we own expansions to but need the base game"

Awesone gifts!

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February 24, 2024
February Board game exchange