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A sheep that santa called a dud lol santa got me a cat OMG

omg omg omg sooo we lost power on Saturday its been brutal I received a sheep child size onsie which even tho it didn't fit anyone was still adorable as ever but my Santa went above and beyond I received this package today and OMG the cutest cutest onsie I've ever seen OMG you totally totally didn't have to get another one but omg I can't stop saying omg it's the cutest ever how did you know i have a love for black cats my onsie is exactly like my girl NOOTCHIE santa you totally totally made my entire day and I can't thank you enough truly I will sleep with this tonight not having power has been a tad cold here in Ottawa sooo not only did you replace my onsie so I could wear it yoy got me one of my all time favorites and I truly can't thank you enough your truly are amazing my pj santa Frkm Cassie6683

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April 10, 2023
Pajama party