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Thoughtful mix

My gifter sent a small box packed full of thoughtful assorted gifts

A multi sticker pack from The Office. All have been placed on my storage bin that sits on the desk.

A silky galaxy scrunchie that I've used- its pretty and doesmt tangle my hair

Cat grass seeds- while was an extra they had, its always something thoughtful and Natsu will appreciate.

2 pins- a Catpucinno (love puns and cats) yes if i teacup was big enough a cat would sits and try fits. And an adorable Animal Crosding reactions pin- something they prebought cause its so nice (worth it! And actually pretty smart)

Llama sticker patch- said it was something from a highschool army of llamas joke. Already on the storage bin

MHA pin- they just started getting into the series (my SO got me to watch it and i love the anime too!). Its of Bakugo

Lastly 2 crystal items: amazonite skull which is so cool and crystal heart necklaces which has 6 different hearts and a chain (might but a longer chain but it is cute) cause they love crystals. So what they didnt know is i like crystals too! And fossils. Actually have a garnet in a necklace i wear and my larp OC is called Garnet

Overall an amazing gift with thoughtful gifts.

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April 10, 2023