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We have deployed a new major version of the platform (v7). In order to log in, you will need to reset your password.


How much should I spend on an exchange?Exchange
Each exchange will have a minimum value set, and this can be seen on each exchange page. This minimum does not include shipping costs.
Will I be gifting to the same person who is gifting to me?Exchange
Quite simply? No! In very rare cases, this might occur - but we'd have to have less than 4 people in a matching block.
I didn't receive a gift, what should I do?Exchange
You have to wait 5 days after the shipping deadline listed on the exchange to report not receiving a gift. If your gifter has not submitted approved shipping proof, they will be suspended and you will be entered into the rematch pool.
What do the matching preferences mean?Exchange
Our matching preferences let you define an action to take when we are unable to find a match in your selected group. They are defined in priority order, so Domestic > Drop would mean 'drop me from this exchange if you can't find a domestic match', whilst Domestic > International would mean 'try and find me an international match if you can't find a domestic one, but drop me instead of bumping me to worldwide'.

The matching groups for international can be found on our matching groups page.
Will I be required to provide a phone number?Account
If signing up for international or worldwide matching, this will be required. However, we are looking into the viability of providing one-time phone numbers that direct to you for this purpose..
Am I required to post in the gift gallery upon receipt?Exchange
Yes! If shipping proof from your gifter has been approved, you have 2 weeks from the close of the exchange to post a gallery post - or you risk being temporarily suspended from the platform. If a gift is still in transit, your deadline changes accordingly to 2 weeks from date of arrival. In addition, most exchanges require that you upload a photo when making your post - unless you have been approved for an exemption by support.
Am I allowed multiple accounts?Account
No. Multiple accounts will lead to your account being banned and address being blacklisted.
What happens if I don't send a gift for an exchange?Exchange
Quite simply, you will be suspended until you hold up your end of the bargain.
What constitutes valid shipping proof?Exchange
Either a verifiable tracking number (Amazon TBA numbers are not verifiable), or a screenshot of a page showing that an order has been shipped - with the destination name and address.
What happens if I send gifts that have nothing to do with the theme of an exchange?Exchange
Your account will be investigated, and you will likely be warned. If warnings persist, your account is at risk of being suspended.
How do I delete my account?Account
Please contact us and request your account be deleted. In line with our GDPR policy, we will review your deletion request. Once accounts are deleted, your details will be automatically blacklisted to prevent us inadvertently retaining your data once you have revoked your authority for us to do so.
What do experience and levels mean?Account
Experience determines your level. When an exchange is matched, if you have relative level matching enabled (it is by default) - you are more likely to be matched with somebody in your level bracket. The calculations are as follows:

< 100XP: Level 0
< 200XP: Level 1
< 350XP: Level 2
< 500XP: Level 3
< 750XP: Level 4
< 1000XP: Level 5
>= 1000XP: Level 6

As a part of our next major release, levels will play a much more important role when it comes to our upcoming gamification features.
What is direct rematching?Account
With direct rematching enabled, people viewing your profile (or a list of people with it enabled on the exchange pages) are able to instantly allocate themselves as a rematcher to you after viewing your profile. We understand that some people might have privacy concerns regarding this, so this setting has to be explicitly toggled on from your account page.
What emails will I receive?General
You will receive a number of emails from us - some optional, some required. You are able to disable optional emails from your account page.

* One day after shipping deadline, if you have not shipped a gift. [Required]
* Three days before shipping deadline, if you have not shipped a gift. [Required]
* Updates to the site and platform. [Optional]
* When matching has occurred. [Required]
* When an exchange you have not signed up for is closing in 48 hours. [Optional]
* When matching has occurred. [Required]
* When new exchanges are added to the platform. [Optional]
* When you receive a comment on a gallery post. [Optional]
* When you receive a new message. [Required]
How do I create an exchange?General
If you have a premium membership, you are able to create an exchange from the premium control panel by clicking Create Exchange.
I have a Reddit Gifts account, is it too late to link it?General
Contact support and we'll see what we can do!
What happens if I receive a "bad" gift?Exchange
First of all, please use the rating system when posting your gift in order to reflect this. Secondly, please do not post a negative post - a simple "thank you" will do in this scenario. If you have received a gift that makes no sense however, or is outright offensive, please contact support and they will look into it.
What happens if I sign up to be a rematch gifter?Rematch
You will be signing up to send a gift to a person who failed to receive one from their original gifter. You will not receive an extra gift in return for this, but will receive the standard exchange experience in return.
If I'm rematched, how long will I have to wait to receive a rematch gift?Rematch
We allocate rematch gifters to giftees every 30 minutes. Sometimes however, we don't have enough rematchers for an exchange - in this scenario, we are unable to guarantee a timeframe.
Who can view my shipping proof?General
Only GivinGifts staff can view the shipping proof images you upload. Your giftee can only see the information you upload when marking your gift as shipped.
Why was my Amazon TBA Tracking denied?Exchange
TBA Tracking numbers like the numbers you upload for Amazon packages are only trackable by the purchaser of the item. Amazon specifically blocks anyone else from viewing it. So when you upload that TBA tracking number, It's as if you uploaded an order number. We cannot see what it's connected to, Where it's going, or What it's for. Amazon blocks GivinGift staff from seeing all of that.
How do I provide shipping proof for a Postcard or Card exchange?Exchange
When shipping a postcard or card we understand that most users will ship with a stamp only, That's totally ok! When marking your gift as shipped you can write Shipping provider - Post office (USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, Etc.) Tracking - Stamp If you would like to add additional Shipping proof you can: Take a picture of the card with the address shown, Popping into the mail slot. Take a video of you putting the postcard with the giftees name and info in the mail box. You can also send it with a tracking number if you would like to add one! ~ For USPS - Certified mail ~ For Royal Mail - Track and Trace ~ Canada Post - Registered Mail
I'm disappointed in the gift I received, do I have to post it?Exchange
Yes, Posting the gift you received is a requirement here on GivinGifts. While we understand that receiving a gift that doesn't really match our description and preferences is frustrating, public shaming of your gifter is not acceptable. Shaming includes: * Sarcasm * Aggressively negative comments * Statements like "this isn't what I asked for." * Providing a poor photo of the gift * Hiding a message in the photo for a gift We do have a way to complain about bad gifts, we don't want them on the platform either, but that complaining is done via the rating system presented when you mark a gift as received. We have a system implemented to mark bad gifters and weed them from the system. Publicly shaming is not part of that system, and does nothing but make another person feel bad. Your post will be deleted and you'll be asked to make a new thank you post. If you have nothing positive to say, please just say something generic like: "Thank you for the gift!" And provide a photo of your gift.
My giftee only has expensive items on their wishlist, Do I have to send them something from it?Exchange
A lot of people will add a wishlist to their profile that they use for other things Friends, Family, birthdays, holidays etc. You are not required to purchase the expensive items; Instead, focus on the things that would be more applicable to the budget of these exchange. Maybe try to get them something related to the big stuff? Say they have a Camping tent on their wishlist, you could get them a set of foldable utensils or camping first aid kit. Try not to feel like you have to get only something on their wishlist.
My Giftee hasn't posted my gift!Exchange
Sometimes, all you can do is wait it out. Please be patient with your giftee while you wait for them to post in the gallery. Unfortunately, You cannot always know whats going on in your giftee's life, there is always the possibility that the unexpected has come up. Your giftee will receive reminders to post their gift and if they never post, they risk suspension if that gift is not posted 2 weeks after the listed ship date or delivery date. But if you'd like to drop them a little note and politely ask if they received everything OK, that would be fine.
My Giftee has sent me a different address to ship their gift to, Can I ship it?Exchange
If your Giftee has sent you a different address than the one listed on their GivinGifts account please **Do not send a gift and reach out to Support immediately. ** If they have a different address listed in their Profile, Exchange Preference, or Sent to you via Message, Please contact support so this can be verified, as this is predominantly used to avoid address blacklisting. If you ship a gift to an address that is not listed on their account your shipping proof will be denied.
How do I upload shipping proof from USPS?Exchange
Looking to upload shipping proof from USPS? There are a few type of shipping proof you can upload from USPS. Shipping proof for USPS packages would be approved after the package is within the possession of USPS ~ USPS - Mailing from the in the Post Office - Receipt When paying for postage within the post office, All you will need is a picture of your receipt with the destination zip code and tracking number visible. ~ USPS - Label created online For a label that was created online for a package pick up, Post office Drop off, etc. all you will need to upload for shipping proof would be a picture of the label with your giftee's name/address and tracking number visible.
How do I upload shipping proof from Etsy?Exchange
With most Etsy packages there is a ability to track your package directly from your purchases page. From your Etsy Purchases page, scroll to the item you purchased and hit Track package. Order confirmation will not be approved.
I've matched with my Parent / Sibling / Friend / Wife / HusbandGeneral
This does occasionally happen when Relative Level Matching (RLM) is enabled and shipping preferences are similar. Since you have already been matched in the exchange you would not be able to change your match. Support can, however, make it that you cannot match with them in the future. All you need to do is submit a support ticket with your nickname and the nickname of the user you would not like to match with.
My rematch giftee received their original gift!Rematch
If you were allocated a rematch giftee and they have already posted a gift for the exchange that you are their rematch gifter for. Please, reach out to support and we can have you reallocated to another rematch giftee that has not received a gift.
What does Domestic > International > Worldwide mean?General
This would match you domestically (within your country) if possible. If not then Internationally (within a local group of countries). If you can’t be matched internationally then you would be matched worldwide.
How do I sign up for Worldwide shipping?General
Depending on your level, You can pull down the Matching Preferences on any exchange page and choose Worldwide. Minimum requirements for the matching preferences are: Level 0 - Domestic Level 2 - International Level 4 - Worldwide
My Giftee is banned!Exchange
**Please, Do not send a gift.** Depending on why your giftee was suspended they may have the ability to become unsuspended. You will receive an email if they become unsuspended before the exchange shipping date. If they do not become unsuspended or have been suspended due to a duplicate account. You will be rematched 5 days after the end of the exchange ship date.
Does my Gifter see how I rate their Gift?Exchange
The rating system is only for internal use, These are not visible to the gifter once the giftee has rated them. If a user receives multiple poor ratings a team member will manually review their account and move forward with an investigation if needed.
How do I retrieve my match?Exchange
From the app or mobile web site you can head over to the sending tab, hit the “ + “ and click Retrieve Match From a desktop head over to the exchange page and scroll down to Sending > Retrieve Match.
Why hasn't my premium membership activated?Account
Occasionally, our payment processor doesn't like to link to accounts; Because of this a staff member will need to manually activate your premium membership. All you'll need to do is submit a support ticket with your
~ GivinGifts Username
~ Email used in payment
~ Length of membership purchased
With the above information we can get your premium membership activated.
How do I mark my gift as shipped?Exchange
Your gift is ready to head to your Giftee! Whether you're shipping direct from a vendor or packing it up to take to the post office, the process for marking a gift as shipped are the same! From the app or mobile web site you can head over to the sending tab, hit the “ + “ and click mark as shipped and follow the steps below.
Head over to the exchange that you are shipping a gift for
~ Under Sending, you'll see a box titled "You have not shipped your gift", Click the red box titled "Mark as shipped"
~The Mark as shipped box will pop up
~ Enter your shipping provider Example: USPS, Royal Mail, Post office, Amazon, Etsy, Post office, Post NL, India Post Etc.
~ Enter your Tracking number Note: If you do not yet have shipping confirmation or a tracking number, Please do not mark your gift as shipped Amazon TBA Tracking numbers are not verifiable. So be sure to upload your Amazon shipping proof right after you mark it as shipped.
~ Cost of Gift and Cost of Shipping - These are for internal data tracking only, these are not shared with your Giftee
~ Once you have completed those boxes hit Add Package
~ Your package information will then pop up in a small blue box, You can remove that tracking info by hitting the garbage can icon
~ Hit the X on the top right and you're done, you have successfully marked your gift as shipped!
How do I make a Gallery Post?Exchange
Your gift has arrived! Time to share it with the world, Feel free to use this guide to help make your Gallery post.
~ Try to get that gift posted as soon as possible. Your gifter has been anxiously awaiting your gift to arrive, The sooner you post that gift the happier they will be to hear you've received it!
~ If you've been sent multiple gifts feel free to post as they arrive, If you decide to wait to post please be sure to reach out to your gifter to let the know that parts of their gift have arrived to you.
~ A picture is worth a 1000 words! Please try to get a clear photo of your gift to share with the world!
~ It's a good idea to save the text of your post before you add pictures. That way, if something goes wrong, you don't lose all of your text!
How long do I have to ship a rematch gift?Rematch
First off, Thank you for signing up to be a rematch gifter!
Just like a normal official exchange, A rematch gifter has 2 weeks to communicate with their rematch giftee and/or get that gift sent out. After 2 weeks a Rematch Giftee can submit a support request to be reallocated to the rematch pool.
If the Rematch gifter has not retrieved the giftee's information the giftee will be reallocated and the gifter will be suspended.
If the Rematch Gifter has retrieved the info they will be reached out to and if no reply is received the giftee will be reallocated and the gifter will be suspended. Communication from a rematch gifter to a giftee is not required, Though it does help put the rematch giftee at ease!
What is an Address BlacklistAccount
An Address blacklist is what happens when a user is banned, suspended due to failure to ship a gift, or if they decide to delete their account. This means any other users at the same address will have their accounts disabled as the address can no longer stored on our servers.
Where do I report having not received a gift?Exchange
From the App or Mobile website - Head over to the receiving tab, hit the “ + “ and click Report no gift.
From a Desktop - Head over to the exchange page - On the right hand side under exchange actions > Hit report no gift.
How do I message my Giftee?
From Mobile - Head over to the exchange page, click the sending tab, then click the " + " Icon and then Message Giftee. From PC - Head over to the exchange page, click Message Giftee.
How do I message my Gifter?
From Mobile - Head over to the exchange page, click the receiving tab, then click the " + " Icon and then Message Gifter. From PC - Head over to the exchange page, scroll down to receiving, click Message Gifter.
How do I enable Direct Rematching on my account?
Click on your profile and hit "My Account"
Click on settings
From the "Matching" Tab Pull down Direct Rematching and choose Yes