Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed multiple accounts?

No. Multiple accounts will lead to your account being banned and address being blacklisted.

Am I required to post in the gift gallery upon receipt?

Yes! If shipping proof from your gifter has been approved, you have 2 weeks from the close of the exchange to post a gallery post - or you risk being temporarily suspended from the platform. If a gift is still in transit, your deadline changes accordingly to 2 weeks from date of arrival. In addition, most exchanges require that you upload a photo when making your post - unless you have been approved for an exemption by support.

How do I create an exchange?

If you have a premium membership, you are able to create an exchange from the premium control panel by clicking Create Exchange.

How do I delete my account?

Please contact us and request your account be deleted. In line with our GDPR policy, we will review your deletion request. Once accounts are deleted, your details will be automatically blacklisted to prevent us inadvertently retaining your data once you have revoked your authority for us to do so.

How much should I spend on an exchange?

Each exchange will have a minimum value set, and this can be seen on each exchange page.

I didn't receive a gift, what should I do?

You have to wait 5 days after the shipping deadline listed on the exchange to report not receiving a gift. If your gifter has not submitted approved shipping proof, they will be suspended and you will be entered into the rematch pool.

I have a Reddit Gifts account, is it too late to link it?

Contact support and we'll see what we can do!

If I'm rematched, how long will I have to wait to receive a rematch gift?

We allocate rematch gifters to giftees every 30 minutes. Sometimes however, we don't have enough rematchers for an exchange - in this scenario, we are unable to guarantee a timeframe.

What constitutes valid shipping proof?

Either a verifiable tracking number (Amazon TBA numbers are not verifiable), or a screenshot of a page showing that an order has been shipped - with the destination name and address.

What do experience and levels mean?

Experience determines your level. When an exchange is matched, if you have relative level matching enabled (it is by default) - you are more likely to be matched with somebody in your level bracket. The calculations are as follows:

< 100XP: Level 0
< 200XP: Level 1
< 350XP: Level 2
< 500XP: Level 3
< 750XP: Level 4
< 1000XP: Level 5
>= 1000XP: Level 6

As a part of our next major release, levels will play a much more important role when it comes to our upcoming gamification features.

What do the matching preferences mean?

Our matching preferences let you define an action to take when we are unable to find a match in your selected group. They are defined in priority order, so Domestic > Drop would mean 'drop me from this exchange if you can't find a domestic match', whilst Domestic > International would mean 'try and find me an international match if you can't find a domestic one, but drop me instead of bumping me to worldwide'.

The matching groups for international can be found on our matching groups page.

What emails will I receive?

You will receive a number of emails from us - some optional, some required. You are able to disable optional emails from your account page.

* One day after shipping deadline, if you have not shipped a gift. [Required]
* Three days before shipping deadline, if you have not shipped a gift. [Required]
* Updates to the site and platform. [Optional]
* When matching has occurred. [Required]
* When an exchange you have not signed up for is closing in 48 hours. [Optional]
* When matching has occurred. [Required]
* When new exchanges are added to the platform. [Optional]
* When you receive a comment on a gallery post. [Optional]
* When you receive a new message. [Required]

What happens if I don't send a gift for an exchange?

Quite simply, you will be suspended until you hold up your end of the bargain.

What happens if I receive a "bad" gift?

First of all, please use the rating system when posting your gift in order to reflect this. Secondly, please do not post a negative post - a simple "thank you" will do in this scenario. If you have received a gift that makes no sense however, or is outright offensive, please contact support and they will look into it.

What happens if I send gifts that have nothing to do with the theme of an exchange?

Your account will be investigated, and you will likely be warned. If warnings persist, your account is at risk of being suspended.

What happens if I sign up to be a rematch gifter?

You will be signing up to send a gift to a person who failed to receive one from their original gifter. You will not receive an extra gift in return for this, but will receive the standard exchange experience in return.

What is direct rematching?

With direct rematching enabled, people viewing your profile (or a list of people with it enabled on the exchange pages) are able to instantly allocate themselves as a rematcher to you after viewing your profile. We understand that some people might have privacy concerns regarding this, so this setting has to be explicitly toggled on from your account page.

Will I be gifting to the same person who is gifting to me?

Quite simply? No! In very rare cases, this might occur - but we'd have to have less than 4 people in a matching block.

Will I be required to provide a phone number?

If signing up for international or worldwide matching, this will be required. However, we are looking into the viability of providing one-time phone numbers that direct to you for this purpose..