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We are live!

Posted by Ethereal on September 10, 2021 at 12:00 AM UTC.

Well, it took us a while to get here - but we're finally live.

After one prototype held together by duct tape, and a second involving hundreds upon hundreds of version control commits... as well as constantly asking our design team for new things, we've managed to do it.

I guess I should start telling you about us. We're Givin Gifts, a team of (currently) 21 people based all over the place. We're a non-profit organisation looking to spread cheer around the world. I think our mission statement sums it up nicely.

"Givin Gifts is a community and organization founded on the belief that spreading gifts and cheer in the world helps to make it a better place for us all. Our mission is not only to enable gift giving on a global scale, but to also encourage philanthropy to various causes. The best gifts are given freely, and so we also strive to make Givin Gifts free to enable the spreading of cheer and charity worldwide."

We were founded by a community of like-minded people after it was announced that Reddit would be sunsetting Reddit Gifts at the end of the year. As an incorporation, we are limited by guarantee, which basically means that we cannot pay those involved a dividend from shares. It means that any money the company makes must go back into the company and the causes that it supports.

Think of this as a sort of soft launch. Whilst we've done extensive testing, we are more than aware that things are sometimes overlooked. If you find something that you think we should know about, let us know. Get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions as well!

As a part of our soft launch, we will not be migrating over any existing data from Reddit Gifts. However, in the coming weeks we will be implementing the ability to verify how many exchanges you have completed previously and update your level accordingly here.

Currently, you'll see that there are two exchanges that you can sign up for, but there will be three more appearing before the end of the month. We decided to do the whole "hype" thing, you know, reveal things slowly over time.

If you'd like, come and have a chat with the team and the members of the community over on our Discord server. You can also follow us on social media, just click on the little icons at the bottom of this page.