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v5 is here!

Posted by Ethereal on October 5, 2022 at 1:47 AM UTC.

So, v5 is now here! Upon launch, there are some bugs - but nothing that prevents us from launching, and we'll get them resolved within the next day or so (part of our feature set is a phased launched anyway!).

Things To Know
1. We are unable to migrate two-factor secrets, so the small handful of people (and I mean that literally) who use it will have to re-enable it as a part of phase 2.
2. We've discovered why people weren't receiving email, the notification settings on a global level basically decided they didn't want to play anymore. We have had to reset all notification preferences to the default. Please update them accordingly.
3. For the next 24 hours, the support team will only deal with THE WORLD IS BURNING enquiries, whilst we deal with necessary bug fixes.
4. We have disabled all automation for the next 24 hours.

Known Bugs
On the account page, when updating your profile - if you don't have all three accordions open, it won't let you save changes. Estimated Resolution: 5th October.
Rematch receiving and sending statuses have gone very weird. These will be rebuilt. Estimated Resolution: 5th October.
Gallery. Filters under "show more exchanges" decided to stop working in live. Estimated Resolution: 5th October. Possibly within the next 20 minutes however...

Phase 2 (5th October)
1. The ability to enable 2FA.
2. Statistics page.
3. EU + EUW matching group.
4. Private Exchange Management - Download report.

Phase 3 (9th October)
1. One-time phone numbers for premium members.
2. Direct rematching. We are temporarily having to disable this after having encountered some "HOW IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING" level bugs during testing this evening.
3. A few small bug fixes we have identified, but that are not critical.
4. Shipping labels are finally coming back.
5. Multiple images for an exchange, that rotate.
6. Gallery awards.