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Latest fixes, changes and updates.

Posted by Ethereal on October 22, 2021 at 12:00 AM UTC.

Latest updates as of 22nd Oct.

  • Bug: Fixed a bug where the wrong date was appearing on the inbox overview for a thread.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where invalid characters were being allowed in a gallery URL causing those posts to not be able to be viewed.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where total number of gifts in a gallery on the "by exchange" view wasn't displaying.
  • Feature: You are now able to message your Gifter from an exchange overview page.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where the wrong people were receiving a "your giftee has updated their preferences" email.
  • Feature: Premium features are now live.
  • Update: Premium lifetime memberships are now available, as well as the option to pay via PayPal.
  • Feature: Rematching signups are now available.
  • Update: We've changed how things appear on the exchange overview page regarding statuses.
  • Feature: An add comment button has been added to the gallery page to avoid confusion.
  • Feature: As requested, private exchanges you are signed up to now appear on your account page.
  • Feature: You will now receive an email when somebody comments on a gallery post you made.
  • Update: The account page UI has been updated.
  • Feature: We now require you to confirm that you are over 18 years old as a part of the onboarding process.
  • Feature: We now have a step by step process to onboard new users.
  • Feature: The age confirmation page for existing users has been moved to a separate page away from the account page.
  • Update: Russia has been moved to matching group 7.
  • Feature: Starting from the next exchange onwards, you'll be able to set your preferences for what happens if we can't find you a match. Currently, you are bumped to the next tier up automatically (a'la reddit gifts) - but moving forward, you can set a priority order.
  • Feature: You can now specify the action you want to take in terms of premium matching!
  • Bug: An error with private exchange matching has been fixed.
  • Update: Automated emails should now be going out to confirm receipt of gift for the first batch of exchanges where no gallery post has been made.
  • Feature: Logistics. Your address is now prefilled out for you in the sending form, and you are able to select from your current exchanges to prefill the destination address in order to avoid any mistakes. We have also added a disclaimer that you will be sent a link via email to fill out your customs declaration if shipping internationally.