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The Givin Gifts Team!

Posted by Ethereal on January 16, 2022 at 6:04 PM UTC.

Hey Everyone, Baron (Taylor) here! So who's behind Givin Gifts? We're a mix n' match of folks, most are either in the UK or in the USA, but that's liable to change as we expand. I'm truly honored to work with everybody here, they've made a spark of an idea into a beautiful reality.

Senior Team

Our senior team is the group that makes the big decisions, deals with the financial items, and plans the course of the organization.

Ethereal Squirrel (Ryan):
Squirrel has been here since day one, and works on... well... there are too many things to list. He's our combined CTO/COO and... well, is basically the coding wizard. When not doing GG work, he's likely doing other sorts of work. He is fueled by caffeine.

TJ (TJ):
TJ is the CFO for Givin Gifts and a member of the senior team. They are responsible for wrangling the accounts for the org into some sort of shape and keeping track of our income and expenses. They are a U.K. accountant who specializes in building data models so will also be modelling some analytics on our data. When not doing GG work they write creative fiction, usually medieval style fantasy. They’ve been playing RuneScape since it started 21 years ago. They also have a Disney pin badge addiction.

Baron (Taylor):
Taylor co-founded Givin Gifts in June as a way to continue the wonderful tradition started by Reddit Gifts. He works on community engagement, inter-team communication, and organizing items in the background. When not doing GG work, he enjoys being a total nerd about Magic the Gathering, metal music, video games, and all things tech, as well as spending time with his wonderful wife.

Now we have our Department Heads, who oversee our design, support, and social media ops:

Lizzie is the Head of Support for Givin Gifts. When she is not answering your support tickets you can find her watching anime, playing Minecraft, or spending time with her 2 cute kitties! She is also studying public health in college and in her free time will also work as a crisis counselor for the crisis text line.

MelonPen is the Lead Designer for Givin Gifts and creates the mascot designs for each of our exchanges. She also manages our merchandising and other design projects. Her love of drawing and designing came from Japanese inspired fashion and cute characters like Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and Pokemon. In her downtime, she loves baking, cross stitching, taking care of houseplants, and cuddling her cat.


Snoopy is our head of social media. He's responsible for making sure the social media team are all on the same page and that content gets out there in a steady fashion. He also works with the senior team to look at how we can continually develop our online presence. Away from Givin Gifts, he's likely to be found sailing around the Sea of Thieves, nose-deep in a good book, or sleeping on his dice hoard.

Croag is the Head of UI / UX for Givin Gifts. She ensures new features or iterations to our website are user friendly and align to our brand. She has worked both across development and design, but recently has focused on and is increasingly passionate about accessibility and inclusive design and development. Outside of Givin Gifts, you will find her either playing social deduction games, losing at pub quizzes, on the stage singing musical theatre, or napping.

Now we have the rest of our wonderful staff!

Bronwen is one of our support team. If you’ve put in a support ticket, you’re likely to converse with her and she’s in charge of shipping proof so if you’ve submitted proof, she’ll be the one reviewing. When not working on the platform, you’ll likely find Bronwen curled up with a book, hunkered down sewing or getting muddy in a park with her kids.

Alice is the head of Reddit for givin gifts. When she’s not working in the pharmacy or moderating the subreddit you can find her listening to kpop, or watching Korean dramas, or Korean variety shows! As well as in her spare time will build Lego or play Dungeons and Dragons!

Alex helps the support team tend to users. He's fresh blood so he'll make all the mistakes, but hey, everyone has to start from somewhere. He enjoys just about everything and tries just about anything as long as that sweet sweet friendship gets injected into his veins.

Urielsalis is a developer for Givin Gifts, mostly in the matching engine and part of the RG archiving tool. When not doing GG work, he works at his actual job at Twilio, volunteers for Minecraft and the Discord moderator program, They have too many plushies and nerdy t shirts plus a cute doggo.

Jewels is part of the social media team. She runs the Instagram account and Facebook page. She works as a care giver & is in school to be part of the medical field. When not making or responding to posts for GG, she is a nerd that is usually reading, listening to music, playing with pets, or learning random things. She also collects books and some kpop merch.

ZombieCreatures is part of the social media team, and runs the Twitter account. When not writing tweets, she works as a freelance educator and hopes to go back to university to get her Masters degree in Cyber Security. She enjoys history (especially Irish and Nordic), listening to music, improving upon Harry Potter canon and nerding out about LotR and Witcher, and collecting both stamps and old books.

Rachel joined the Givin Gifts team in October as a support team member! Residing in the Lone Star State; Rachel enjoys scrolling Reddit, kayaking, collecting Disney Pins, and hanging out with her significant other and their two furry kiddos!

That's the entire team right now! We are all honored to serve the community and keep the wonderful tradition of gift-giving alive. Every one of the folks here has done some pretty amazing things for Givin Gifts, and I could not be prouder to call them my team, and we're all excited for the future of Givin Gifts, and to many, many more gifts shipping out around the world!