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We have deployed a new major version of the platform (v7). In order to log in, you will need to reset your password.

Deployment update.

Posted by Ethereal on February 18, 2024 at 2:25 PM UTC.

Our latest deployment is now complete; with the following changes / fixes.

The backend architecture has been changed to take a different approach.
When your rematch gifter marks as a gift as sent; this is now properly reflected on the giftee side (including with tracking).
We have fixed an issue where rematch proof wasn't properly showing in the admin side; meaning our team didn't see all uploaded proof.
We have fixed a number of historical issues where completed exchanges / rematches were not displaying as completed.
We have put a number of performance improvements in place.
We have resolved the caching issue that led to platform instability.

We have identified an issue where if you have proof approved, to a giftee has since been deleted - and the giftee was deleted prior to v7; an exchange may show as active. We've fixed a number of these, and will be retrospectively resolving the others.

If you encounter any new bugs in the next day or so; please let us know so we can resolve this.

This is also an announcement that we are formally deprecating the existing mobile application; the API server for the application will remain online however until we have a viable replacement in place.