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Current statistics from batch #1.

Posted by Ethereal on October 16, 2021 at 12:00 AM UTC.

We're all about transparency here, so we thought we'd update you on the current statistics from batch 1.

Total Signups: 1150

[ Failures ]
General Failures: 170
Critical Failures: 87
Gifts Received: 15 (People who have marked their gift as received despite no tracking or proof.)

We expect these figures to continue to drop over the next few days.

Now, general failures aren't something we're worried about at this stage. General failures have retrieved their match and sent messages, but haven't submitted any tracking or proof of shipping at this stage. This is why we have a 72 hour buffer from the end of the shipping deadline to submit these details. At this stage, if we haven't heard from the person in question, a suspension flag is placed on their account in order to prevent them from signing up too any more exchanges until the problem is resolved. If they attempt to get around this by making a new account, our detection software throws a permanent ban in their general direction.

If you have reached out to us and have already been told you're going to be placed into the rematching pool for sending, please ignore any automated emails you may accidentally receive. You shouldn't receive them, but bugs can occur!

Now, moving on. Critical failures are the important ones, and people who fall into this category are what usually lead to a rematch. These are the people who haven't engaged at all beyond registering for an exchange at some point. For our first set of exchanges, we were expecting all of these numbers to be much, much higher.

You don't need to contact us in order to be put into the pool for receiving a rematch gift, this will happen automatically - though we may reach out to you if you've already contacted us.

If you're interested in becoming a rematcher, you can signup from any exchange page.