Bug fixes and changes.

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Posted by Ethereal on 06/10/21 @ 00:00
  • Fixed a bug where images were being rotated upon gallery upload... :D.
  • Fixed a bug where if you changed your exchange preferences on an exchange that had not been matched yet, it would give you an error despite still saving your preferences.
  • Fixed a bug where an invalid URL was being provided on the link from a 'your gift has been received' email.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong people were getting an email when a gallery post was made. This doesn't impact anything in terms of experience granted.
  • You'll now receive your experience when a giftee marks their gift as received and a gallery post is generated. Don't worry, there's still the route of shipping proof, etc - if they never make a post.
  • As a part of our metrics, we now have an optional addition to the Mark As Shipped form where you can enter how much a gift cost, and how much shipping was. This is only used for anonymized averages.
  • Premium users are now able to select premium only matching.
  • The gallery view has changed. You are now able to browse the gallery by exchange. In addition, 16 gifts are now displayed per page.
  • Fixed a bug where the next exchange panel on the right of the side showed an in-progress exchange.
  • You will now receive an email when your gifter has retrieved your details.
  • You will now receive an email when your gift has been posted to the gallery.
  • You are now able to upload proof of shipping from the exchange overview page.
  • Your gifter will now be emailed when you update your exchange preferences.
  • Your gifters on any open exchanges will now be emailed when you update your account details (e.g. address).
  • As requested, once your gifter has marked your gift as shipped - you'll now see a little info box appear on the actions panel of the exchange page.
  • The latest gallery posts are now displayed on the home page. In addition, new lines now display accurately on messages.
  • Retrieving a match will now show a link to their public profile.
  • Social media is now available on a public profile.