About Us

Givin Gifts is a platform that matches people around the world who want to spread a little joy amongst people. Users register for a gift exchange, are matched and then send a gift to a mystery giftee, all whilst receiving a gift from a mystery sender themselves.
We were founded by a community of like-minded people after it was announced that Reddit would be sunsetting Reddit Gifts at the end of the year. We are a UK based company limited by guarantee, which basically means that we cannot pay those involved a dividend from shares. It means that any money the company makes must go back into the company and the causes that it supports.

Mission Statement

Givin Gifts is a community and organization founded on the belief that spreading gifts and cheer in the world helps to make it a better place for us all. Our mission is not only to enable gift giving on a global scale, but to also encourage philanthropy to various causes. The best gifts are given freely, and so we also strive to make Givin Gifts free to enable the spreading of cheer and charity worldwide.

How Does It Work?

Register for an exchange!
Get matched!
Send a gift to somebody!
Receive a gift from somebody!